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        1, 环球 GC60贴片机:

        Universal Genesis GC60 Pick and Place System, Model 4990C, Year 2006, SN 10086181

        2, YAMAHA 贴片机 YV100XG     3台


            基板尺寸: :L500 * W440(MM)— L50 * W50(MM)
            贴片速度: 0.18秒/CHIP
            贴片范围: 0201 to 31mmQFP
            额定电压:三相 380V
            空压源 : 0.55Mpa 160-/min
            外形尺寸: 1,650(L)×1,408(W)×1,850(H)mm


        3, 环球泛用机 GSM2 贴片机  6台

        GSM Platform
        GSM1 Single Beam
        GSM2 Dual Beam

        Short       Form Specifications
        Product Nos. 4681A,       4688A SPS-401-00       (3/00)
        Technical Specifications
        Standard       Features
        Component       Specifications
        (Representative specs for leaded and array        components placed by FlexJet Head       with 2.6 mil per pixel Standard Upward-Looking Camera; for other       combinations, consult GS-401-00)

          Base Frame

          X-Y Positionoing System
          Staged         Board Handling
          Nozzle         Changing
          Fiducial         Inspection
          Multi-Pattern         Find
          Basic Network Kit
          Machine Control System Architecture
          Inspection Camera
          Universal Platform Software
          Component Centering/inspection
        Minimum Maximum
        Width/Diameter 1.00mm       (0.040") 50.8mm     (2.00")
        Length 0.50mm (0.020") 50.8mm (2.00")
        Thickness       (Height) 0.15mm       (0.006") 12.7mm     (0.50")
        Lead Pitch 0.246mm (0.010") -
        Lead Width       (w/inspection) 0.132mm       (0.005") -
        Bump Pitch 0.528mm (0.021") -
        Bump     Diameter 0.264mm       (0.010") -

        Optional       Features
        Placement Rate for       GSM1 with
        1 or 2 FlexJet heads
        0.36 sec       for components up to 12mm square
        0.72       sec for components 12mm - <25mm square
        1.00 sec for components 25mm - <32mm       square
        1 + (number of fields of view x       0.75 sec) for components larger than 32mm square
          Platform Tray Feeder
          Stackable Matrix Tray Feeder
          Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder
          Tape Feeder
          Track         Feeder
          Stationary Matrix Tray         Platform
          Multi-Tube         Feeder
          Bulk Track         Feeder
          Component         Shuttle
          Feeder Bank         Changing
          Feeder Setup/Storage         Carts
          Feeder Bank Storage       Table
        Placement Heads      
          Gripper Nozzles
          FlexJet Head
          Flex         Head
          High Force Head
          UFP300+ Head (GSM1 only)
        Dispensing Heads (GSM1 only)      
          Archimedes Metering Valve
          Positive Displacement Pump
          Front and Back Lighting
          Upward Looking Camera
          On-the-Head Camera
          Circular         Lighting Camera
          Odd Form       Camera
        Board Handling      
          Board Support
          Dual Lane Board         Handling
          Dual SMEMA
          Automatic Platform Line         Balancer
          Bar Code         Changeover
          Platform Setup         Validation
          Remote Diagnostics
          Advanced SM/Semicondutor         Options
          Uninterruptible Power Supply
          Reject Stations
        Placement Rate for GSM2       with
        2 FlexJet heads
        0.18 sec for components up       to 12mm square
        0.36 sec for components       12mm - <25mm square
        0.72 sec for components 25mm - <32mm       square
        1.00 sec for components larger       than 32mm square
        Component Placement       Force 150       g-1,000 g, in 10 g increments
        Placement Performance 50 defects per million       (dpm)
        Intrinsic       Availability 98%
        Accuracy Chips (w/any camera)

        Leaded/Array (w/Upward       Looking Camera):

        Leaded/Array       (w/On-The-Head Camera:
        ±100 μm with Cpk        >       1.33

        ±62 μm with Cpk        >       1.33 

        ±75 μm with Cpk > 1.33

        Board       Specifications
        Minimum Maximum
        Width 50.8mm     (2.00") 457.2mm       (18.00")
        Length 50.8mm (2.00") 508mm (20.00")
        Thickness 0.508mm       (0.02") 5.08mm     (0.20")
        Weight --- 2.72 kg (6 lbs)
        Allowable     warp Reference       ASME Y 14.5.1M-1994, "Printed Board Dimensions and Tolerances"

        Board       Clearance
        Top Side       Clearance 12.7mm       (0.500")
        Standard Bottom Side     Clearance ---

        Physical Dimensions
        Length x Depth x       Height 1697mm x       2184mm x 2540 mm (66" x 86" x 100")
        Weight GSM1: 2614 kg (5762       lbs)
        GSM2: 2795 kg (6162 lbs)
        Service Requirements







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